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January 2010

January 19, 2010

Considering an MT 4 Upgrade? Review the Movable Type 4.33 Changelog

By Dave Aiello.

About two weeks ago, Six Apart release Movable Type 4.33, a release that was coordinated with the worldwide release of Movable Type 5.01 and Movable Type 4.27-ja for Movable Type 4 users in Japan. I urge any customers planning to stay on Movable Type 4 for the near future to take another look at the Movable Type 4.33 Release Notes and to pay close attention to the following improvements: Security Fixes There are two significant security fixes that were included in Movable Type 4.33. The first is the closing of a series of vulnerabilities in the Content Management System (the Movable Type administrative user interface) where user privileges weren’t properly checked. Until Movable Type 4.33, unprivileged users could access several functions of the CMS by typing their URLs directly. We also enhanced the Asset Manager, XML-RPC Server, and Atom Server to make them check the content of image files that are being uploaded. If image files contain JavaScript or HTML unexpectedly, they can be used to attempt to exploit flaws in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7 that could lead to security issues on the visitor’s PC or on servers to which that visitor has access. New Configuration Directive Related…

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January 5, 2010

Movable Type 5

By Beau Smith and posted in MT5.

Crack the champagne! Movable Type 5 is ready for you to download and give it a roll. Download Movable Type 5.01 (available in English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Dutch and French.) Movable Type 5.01 - commercial license Movable Type Open Source 5.01 - open source license This is a great milestone in the 8 years of Movable Type history. Some long-awaited features are now available: Websites for grouping blogs together. Themes with full support for custom fields, static files, templates, categories, folders, etc for blogs and websites. Revision History for entries, pages, and templates. Custom Fields for all objects. User Dashboard for quick access to the most used blogs and websites. …and much more. We’re excited that all of these features derived from real-world use cases requested by enthusiastic customers using Movable Type. A big thanks to the customers building beautiful things with Movable Type. And huge thanks goes out to everyone on the Movable Type team to design, build and test this release. In the coming weeks we’ll be posting articles and adding to the documentation to help you take advantage of the new features in Movable Type. Documentation We’ve got a lot of new docs that are being reviewed…

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