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April 2008

April 20, 2008

Mark Your Calendars: Movable Type at the Web2.0Expo

By Byrne Reese and posted in Events.

Next week is the Web2.0Expo is San Francisco, an event for just about anyone who is participating in the creation of the next-generation of the Web. Six Apart is a sponsor of the event and you can find us there in a number of different capacities: Come visit us at our booth on the Expo floor - free passes still available! See Six Aparter’s and some our esteemed Alumni speak: David Recordon - Comparing Social Platforms, OpenID, OAuth, Data Portability, and the Enterprise, Open Platforms in Web 2.0 Artur Bergman - Failure Happens: What Broke Since Last Year (and What We Learned from It) David Hornik - Launch Pad But you don’t have to be a registered conference member to come chat. We will be holding Open Movable Type Office Hours on the 2nd floor mezzanine of Moscone West Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. The area is open to the public so come by to meet with a number of Movable Type Open Source Ninjas, including Byrne Reese, Beau Smith, Jim Ramsey and others from Six Apart as well (look for all the people wearing Six Apart t-shirts and the Movable Type sign!). We look forward to talking…

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April 14, 2008

Did you hear about the latest Movable Type beta?

By Byrne Reese and posted in News.

If you were tuned into the Movable Type Twitter channel last week, or into the MTOS-dev or ProNet mailing lists, you may have heard that we released Movable Type 4.15 Beta 2. As with every beta, we managed to sneak a couple of features in as well in response to user feedback: revised the “Preferences” menu to allow users to navigate more quickly to the settings screen they are looking for. added a blog level “Tools” menu to more easily import and export content, create backups and view the activity log. added the ability to sort entries by the number of comments and TrackBacks received providing a good way to list your most popular entries. added the ability to make a copy of a template. In keeping with the central theme of this release, we also made Movable Type faster (again) by further optimizing the publishing engine to not only be faster, but smarter as well. But speaking of the ways you might have heard about this release, you might want to consider making a regular visit to The Blog Herald every Monday for “Movable Type Mondays.” A new series they are running to give Movable Type fans their weekly…

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April 8, 2008

Awesome: apt-get install movabletype-opensource

By Byrne Reese and posted in Community.

Movable Type just got a whole lot easier to install for Debian users thanks to newly available Debian packages. But what makes this addition to the Movable Type Open Source Project so great is not the fact that installing Movable Type can now be as simple as typing “apt-get install movabletype-opensource” (then again that is pretty awesome) but the fact that it was a project undertaken and completed by the community itself — and one person in particular: Dominic Hargreaves. We caught up with Dominic shortly after he announced the availability of the packages he created and conducted a brief interview with him in an attempt to help us all get to know a little bit better those who give so freely to our community. What drew your interest to MTOS and the MT community? I’m very much an FOSS-inclined person. For many years now I’ve almost exclusively used free and open source software - in fact, MT was a rare exception when I first installed it. When I decided to go against my normal ideals and use MT, it was because it seemed to be far ahead of any FOSS alternatives, and the pragmatist in me won out. I…

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April 3, 2008

Movable Type 4.15 Beta 1 now available

By Byrne Reese and posted in News.

Last month we told you of an effort to improve the performance of Movable Type that involved the entire community. The response has been amazing. We asked for people to contribute data collected by Movable Type’s new performance monitoring framework. What we got were log files, entire data sets and even code contributions from numerous members of our open source developer community. The results of this work and collaboration with the community culminates today in the first public beta of Movable Type Open Source 4.15. But a faster version of Movable Type is not all you have to look forward to. The community has also contributed new features to the product, and with their help and valuable feedback we have added a number of other new features as well. Threaded Commenting Arvind was kind enough to donate to MTOS one of Movable Type’s more popular plugins: Simply Threaded. With this donation Movable Type will allow commenters to reply directly to one another and for designers to display nested and threaded comment listings on their blog. Simpler, Easier Default Templates One thing we have heard loud and clear is that our default templates, while powerful and flexible were too difficult for…

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