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February 2013

February 26, 2013

Recent and upcoming changes to the Plugins Directory

By Takeshi Nick Osanai.

We understand the major issues that have been and still plague the MT Plugins Directory and extend a heart-felt apology to all Movable Type users and developers regarding the seemingly neglected state of the directory. There are several small changes to the directory that have been made, taking effect from today.A much larger scale renewal of the Plugin Directory is being planned for release later on in the year. Details on the small update Because of the continuous issues with the old plugin database, we have migrated all information from the older directory to the current directory. Also, as there were more input forms than necessary, we reduced the number of forms as much as possible. A new “theme” listing has been added to the top page. Any themes registered under the “theme” category will be displayed on the top page under this listing. Plans for future rennovation Today’s changes and additions should be viewed as temporary patches in order to normalize directory use for the time being. During this year, we plan on completely revamping the plugins directory registration system. We will provide more information once we have settled on the specifics for the new plugins directory, and…

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