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November 2007

November 20, 2007

Community Conversations

By Anil Dash.

We talk a lot about community here on, so it’s only appropriate that we hear back from all of you, especially after the recent release of the Movable Type Community Solution. There’s been a terrific response, so let’s cover some highlights:Our new Community Solution-powered Movable Type Forums are starting to show off what an MT-powered forum can do. The forums themselves are still in beta as we test out exactly how they’ll work, but they’re already worth a look.Jesse Gardner’s been building out an MTCS-powered site, and he’s offered some enticing first impressions of the new offering.Tim Appnel weighs in with his own thoughts, picking up on a key point: “The Community Solution does indeed provided the ability to host forums using the MT engine, but it does a lot more too.”And finally, Learning Movable Type has been absolutely rocking lately. Check out just some of the recent tutorials:Using Favicons and Gravatar in MT4Making Flickr’s Blog This work with MT4Installing Movable Type under IIS on WindowsWell, we could go on listing these forever, you might as well just subscribe to the site. And if you’ve got some expertise of your own to share, the site’s accepting new contributors so…

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