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Product Life Cycle Policy

Product Life Cycle Policy

Movable Type Product Life Cycle Policy

Six Apart has established a Product Life Cycle Policy to protect Movable Type from the latest threats and vulnerabilities, and to ensure that our customers can always use our products in optimal condition. We hope that you will use this policy as reference information when planning your Movable Type version upgrades and incorporate it into the product life cycle of your system.

We update the Product Life Cycle Policy for Movable Type 8 on November 1 2023. The policy for Movable Type 7 or before is here.

Movable Type 8 Versioning

The versioning of Movable Type is 8.{minor}.{patch} format, like 8.0.2. The product life cycle milestones are based on minor versions.

Movable Type 8 Release Cycle

  • Movable Type 8 repository upgrades minor version every 3 months and releases for internal and Movable Type Cloud Service (For Japan Customer only)
  • Movable Type 8 Software and AMI upgrades minor version and releases every 1 year and EOM/EOL previous versions
    • Every 2 years, we provides Movable Type 8 LTS (Long Term Support) and offer 2 years security support after EOM

Product Life Cycle Milestone

Below are the definitions for life cycle phases.

GA (General Availability)

During the period between GA and EOS (End of Sales), security patches and bug fixes will be released on a regular basis, with official Technical Support available for a fee.

EOS (End of Sales)

EOS refers to the time when Six Apart concludes Sales on its products. After EOS, the versions of the product could not be purchased.

EOM (End of Maintenance)

EOM refers to the time when Six Apart concludes maintenance on its products. While it is possible to continue using the product, basic maintenance will have ended, and the Technical Support from Six Apart will also cease. Please upgrade to the current version to use official Technical Support. After EOM, Six Apart may, at its discretion, provide security supports until EOL for the critical bugs or significant impact on security.

EOL (End of Life)

EOL signifies that a product version has reached the end of it’s life span. It will no longer go under maintenance and will no longer receive bug fixes, security patches, or additional feature updates. Although it is possible to continue using the product, Six Apart strongly recommends to upgrade to othe current version until EOL, due to security reasons.

Version / Support Phase Chart

MT 8.0.x Nov 1st, 2023

Movable Type 8 Support Life Cycle Milestone

In Movable Type 8, only the latest version is subject to maintenance. The previous version will be EOS/EOM at the release of Software / AMI Edition of the latest version, every year.

We set an LTS (Long-Term Support) every two years, and provide security updates for the two years after EOM. The versions not LTS will be EOL with EOS/EOM, so we kindly ask that you keep up with the latest version.

Below is the diagram of Movable Type 8 Product Life Cycle


For the Movable Type 7 or earlier versions, see Product Life Cycle Policy of Movable Type (MT4-MT7).

Movable Type 8 License

Holders of a Movable Type 7 (MT7) license are eligible to use Movable Type 8 (MT8) under the same licensing terms. If your MT7 license is active, you can use MT8 without the need for an additional license.
The customers of the MT8 license could also download and use the latest MT7. Please note that Technical Support for MT7 will be available until its EOM (Nov. 1st, 2024). The security updates for MT7 will continue to be provided until its EOL (Nov. 1st, 2025).

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