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Movable Type Documentation

Getting Started


  • Administrator’s Guide. Managing blogs, managing users, managing a community, publishing options, maintaining your system, finding and installing plugins.
  • Author’s Guide to Movable Type. Publishing and managing entries, publishing and managing pages, uploading files, managing assets.
  • Designer’s Guide to Movable Type. An anatomy of Movable Type’s default templates, working with templates, using template modules, archive mapping, an overview of Movable Type’s template tag language.
  • Movable Type Developer’s Guide. Developing plugins for Movable Type, Movable Type Plugin APIs, Objects, Callbacks and the Movable Type registry.
  • Migrating To Movable Type. Tutorials and walk-throughs on how to switch to Movable Type from another blogging platform.


  • Template Tag Reference. Template tags allow you to select and customize the blog-and system-related data you’d like to include on your published blog. You can also view template tags by type, an easy way to discover the right tags to use.
  • Template Tag Modifiers. Modifiers are attributes that can be applied to template tags to modify the output of the tag.
  • Date Formats. All date-related template tags (MTDate, MTEntryDate, etc) can be formatted for output by use of the format attribute and the date format specifiers.
  • Import / Export Format. If you are migrating your blog from blogging software other than Movable, the Import format will help you create your import data file.
  • Archive File Path Specifiers. While most common URL schemes are provided for easy selection within the Movable Type publishing settings, further customization can be done through the use of shortcut Archive File Path specifiers.
  • Configuration Directives. The configuration file (mt-config.cgi) controls every important aspect of the system’s operation. This is done through the use of configuration directives detailed herein.
  • Default Templates. A listing and archive of Movable Type’s default templates by version.
  • Archive Template Variables Various variables set by the application which can be used when to target particular sets of archives.
  • Movable Type Release History. Movable Type version history with links to release notes that include changes and known issues for particular versions.

Developer Documentation

Movable Type Solutions

  • Professional Pack. The table of contents for the Movable Type Professional Pack, an add-on to Movable Type made available exclusively to any paying customer.
  • Enterprise Solution Documentation. The table of contents for the Movable Type Enterprise Solution, an add-on to Movable Type that provides additional connectivity options, and additional features to help manage sites of scale.
  • Community Solution Documentation. The table of contents for the Movable Type Community Solution, an add-on to Movable Type that makes its easier to create and customize social media websites and to manage the communities that congregate there.