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Movable Type 4 Enterprise Documentation

Welcome to the home of the Movable Type Enterprise Solution’s documentation. Here you will find information about how to get started using the Enteprise Solution, guides to building and setting up Movable Type to work within a multi-server environment, and how to make the most of LDAP integration.

Our community and customers help make our documentation better through user contributed notes. At the bottom of every page on this site you’ll see a place for you to add your own comments about how we can improve upon our documentation. Please feel free to leave us any feedback.


  • Installing the Movable Type Enterprise Solution. What to know before you begin, quick start instructions, detailed instructions, installing Movable Type on Windows, troubleshooting your installation.

  • Upgrading to Movable Type Enterprise Solution. A guide to users upgrading from previous versions of Movable Type Enterprise including MTE 1.5x.

  • A Guide to External User Management. The Movable Type Enterprise Solution allows users to delegate user administration to external LDAP directory. This guide will discuss how to setup Movable Type to take advantage of this feature and discuss data synchronization options with you.

  • Managing Groups. The Movable Type Enterprise Solution allows administrators to more effectively manage a large number of users by assigning them in groups and the assigning permissions to those groups.

  • Bulk User Management. A guide to managing multiple users at a time, including how to import users in bulk.

  • Configuration Directive Reference. A guide to all of the Enterprise Solution configuration directives that can be placed in your mt-config.cgi file. These are used to configure the Enterprise Solution manually.

  • Movable Type System Architecture Guide. A high level overview for building out a Movable Type system in a multi-tier, multi-server environment.

  • Scalable Publishing Models. A guide to Movable Type’s Publishing Queue and architecting systems to take advantage of this feature.

  • Managing Multiple Instances of Movable Type. A how to on how to host multiple instances of Movable Type under multiple domains from a single install base.

Other Resources of Interest

  • Movable Type 4 Documentation. More documentation about Movable Type can be found at the Movable Type 4 Documentation Homepage.

  • Six Apart’s Guide to Business Blogging. The checklist for getting started, facts and figures about blogging, ways to use blogs in your business, creating a blogging policy.

  • Developer Documentation. Integrating your enterprise and company with Movable Type can be accomplished through a variety of APIs explained in greater detail in our Developer Guide.

  • Appendices and More Info. Template tag reference, date formats, template tag modifiers, the import/export format, archive file path specifiers, configuration directives.