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Movable Type Enterprise Upgrade Guide

This document will describe the process for users upgrading from Movable Type Enterprise 1.5x (and earlier) to the latest version of Movable Type 4.x and the Enterprise Solution.

Upgrade Path

Movable Type 4.0 features a dramatically redesigned backend architecture. In this redesign features that were once found in a separate product we called “Movable Type Enterprise” have been abstracted away from the core Movable Type application and have been bundled in what Six Apart calls a “Solution Pack.” This new product results in two products:

  • The core Movable Type 4.0 Platform
  • The Movable Type Enterprise Solution

Therefore the upgrade path for customers using Movable Type Enterprise 1.5x involves installing both products.


The difference between the previous version of Movable Type Enterprise and the Enterprise Solution Pack (or “MTES”) is significant enough that we recommend installing Movable Type 4.x and MTES into a different directory on your web server than Movable Type Enterprise is currently installed. Doing so ensures that you have a clean roll back path in the worst case scenario; but that should not be necessary.

Administrators should also take note that it is possible that not all the plugins provided by the community you might have been using with Movable Type Enterprise 1.5x will work with Movable Type 4.0. Administrators should take note of all the plugins they have installed in their current Movable Type Enterprise installation and check in the Movable Type Plugin Directory to see if those plugins have been updated to work with Movable Type 4.0.

Before You Begin

Before you begin your upgrade to the Movable Type Enterprise Solution, we recommend you read and familiarize each of the following documents and resource:

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Take note of all the plugins you currently have installed in your Movable Type Enterprise 1.5x installation.
  2. Install Movable Type 4.0 into /path/to/mt4
  3. Install Movable Type Enterprise solution into /path/to/mt4/addons/Enterprise.pack (please note that this step may not be necessary if you have downloaded a version of Movable Type that bundles the Enterprise Solution Pack with Movable Type 4.0)
  4. Copy the Movable Type configuration file from /path/to/mte/mt-config.cgi to /path/to/mt4/mt-config.cgi
  5. Login to the Movable Type application to complete the upgrade process.
  6. When you have verified that the application has completed the upgrade process, proceed to re-install each of the plugins (the most recent version is preferable) you made note of in step #1.