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  • Template Tag Reference

    Template tags allow you to select and customize content to display on your website or output to other published files. You can also view template tags by type, an easy way to discover the right tags to use.

  • Template Tag Modifiers

    Modifiers can be applied to template tags to control the output of the tags. Examples include narrowing the content a tag such as <mt:Entries> draws from or transforming the output of any tag to uppercase.

  • Date Formats

    You can specify the exact format of any dates output with template tags like <mt:Date> and <mt:EntryDate>.

  • Import / Export Format

    If you are migrating your blog from blogging software other than Movable, the Import format will help you create your import data file.

  • Archive File Path Specifiers

    While most common URL schemes are provided for easy selection within the Movable Type publishing settings, further customization can be done through the use of shortcut archive file path specifiers.

  • Configuration Directives

    The configuration file, mt-config.cgi, controls every important aspect of the system’s operation through configuration directives.

  • Archive Template Variables

    Variables set by the application can target particular sets of archives.

  • Default Templates

    A listing and archive of Movable Type’s default templates.

  • Release Notes

    A listing of changes and known issues in all version of Movable Type.