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October 2007

October 28, 2007

Tricks and Treats

By Byrne Reese.

Here are some highlights of the happenings in the Movable Type world for the week before Halloween. Read/WriteWeb upgraded to Movable Type 4 - congratulations Richard and team! A tip of the hat to the Media Temple team as well for their expert help in the upgrade and migration process. The (mt) people really know their stuff - they helped to isolate some significant performance enhancements that will have a lasting impact for all MT4 users starting with the next release of Movable Type. Todd of Geek News Central got frustrated with Movable Type’s podcasting support. We listened. And thanks to his feedback, there is now a more complete solution for podcasters on Movable Type. His feedback will also result in other changes being made to the core to make Movable Type an even better media blogging platform. Thank you Todd. The Movable Type team is gearing up for a private beta of the Movable Type Community Solution, and the public debut of its functionality powering parts of In some shameless self promotion, I recently added YouTube and Flickr support to Media Manager, extending the plugin for the first time beyond books and DVDs from Amazon. One of the…

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October 16, 2007

Some links that deserve a little fan fare

By Byrne Reese and posted in News.

Just a quick post to share some links and resources that have been created or have caught my eye recently: Recommended Plugins - we have added a page that lists a more complete list of plugins selected by community plugin directory editors. Recently Added Plugins - we have also added a more complete listing of recently added plugins.. Tidy Templates - Tim Appnel has created a plugin to help publishers normalize their Movable Type tags to use a consistent style and syntax. Very nice. SezWho - I have been seeing SezWho, an interesting service that provides universal commenter profiles across the web, from time to time on sites I visit from time to time so it was good to see that they also have a Movable Type Plugin to make it easy for anyone to use their service. How to Build a Style Catcher Repository - Movable Type makes it really easy for people to browse various style collections scattered across the web and then to download, install and apply those styles to a blog - all from within Movable Type. This recently published guide details how developers and designers can construct their own style repositories and allow Movable Type…

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October 11, 2007

Podcast with David Recordon about the Open Social Graph

By Byrne Reese and posted in Just for Fun.

In last week’s ProNet conference call, which is quickly evolving into a call-in internet talk show of sorts, I spoke with David Recordon, the man leading the effort behind the Open Social Graph Project, or “Glue.” If you are interested in learning more about: the open social graph what actually is the “social graph” what the goals are for the project what are the principals that govern its development what kind of products one might build with this technology what is XFN and what are the other protocols and standards that this project is taking advantage of Then this is a great podcast for you. Listen to it now (it is about 41 minutes long); and when you are done check out some of our previous podcasts posted to our ProNet Vox Community. During the call I also gave updates about the Movable Type Open Source project, the Movable Type product roadmap, new plugins like Template Hammer and Ghostwriter and much, much more. Remember our ProNet conference calls are open to the public. Anyone is welcome to join and participate in the conversation we have there….

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