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September 2009

September 29, 2009

Movable Type 4.32 Bug-fix Release + Zemanta plugin

By Beau Smith and posted in News.

Many of you are looking forward to using MT5 exclusively, but truthfully you may be content with MT4 or maybe you’re unable to upgrade because a plugin you rely upon may not yet be ported to MT5. So until MT5 is solid and there is little demand for MT4, Six Apart will continue to release new versions of MT4.x as necessary to provide fixes for various security issues and bugs which are major pain points. Small features may be potentially included as well. Download MTOS-4.32-en [zip] [tar.gz] [other languages] MT4.32 fixes a handful of minor bugs which are detailed in the Movable Type 4.32 release notes. One of the commits in MT4.32 was to bundle the Zemanta plugin. Zemanta has committed to supporting the development of Movable Type; what better partnership than that of a content management system and a service to recommend quality related-content? While it may not be useful for every blogger, it can be very helpful in the case where you need an image, links to related articles, help with tags for an entry, etc to have a more compelling blog entry. Check out the Zemanta FAQ for more info on how Zemanta’s services may be useful…

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September 17, 2009

Movable Type 5 Beta 2

By Beau Smith and posted in MT5.

Movable Type 5.0 Beta 2 is now available… Download Warning! - This is beta software and is not recommended in any production environment. Movable Type 5.0 Pro Betas (available in English and Japanese) Check out the Pre-Release Software License Agreement for more details about the software. Beta 3 Beta 3 is now under development and will be primarily focused on various UI improvements. Read on for Known Issues in Beta 2 and Resolved Issues in Beta 2. Read more about MT5. Release Notes Movable Type Beta 2 All Release Notes…

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September 2, 2009

Movable Type 5 Beta

By Beau Smith and posted in MT5.

Are you ready for this? We’re really stoked. Today begins a 2-month period of beta releases and official quality assurance testing. Though we still have loose ends to tie up, we wanted to get the code so that people could begin to use it and provide feedback. We plan to release a new beta version every two weeks until the app is stable. Once stable, we’ll be creating release candidates. And we’re hoping to offer a stable build in mid November. For those who are dying to download it now… Download Warning! - This is beta software and is not recommended in any production environment. Movable Type 5.0 Pro Betas (available in English and Japanese) We also have a Pre-Release Software License Agreement if you’re interested. Quick links: Bug? | Feature? | Beta Forum | Source Code | Release Notes | Known Issues About Movable Type 5.0 For those who aren’t distracted with downloading and installing… here’s a little history: Development of MT4.3 and 4.31 were led by the Services team in the US and was primarily focused on app performance, resolving pain points common on large installations, making some of their most popular plugins part of the core product,…

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