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October 2013

October 16, 2013

Movable Type Launches MT6

By Dave Aiello and posted in News.

Movable Type, the pioneer publishing platform developed by Six Apart, today announced the launch of its latest version, MT6, which is now available in North America and Japan. The version’s debut marks the next phase of the “Movable Type Creating Momentum” campaign in North America, aimed at re-establishing Movable Type’s foothold as the premier content management system, particularly among mid-market and enterprise businesses. The new MT6 will appeal to enterprises, bloggers and developers looking for a more customizable alternative to CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and ExpressionEngine. Designed to Handle Large Quantities of Content “In today’s multi-screen environment, content is being created and viewed everywhere, on many devices and in many regions, creating a great need for better scalability, more stability and increased security,” said Nobuhiro Seki, president and CEO, Six Apart , the parent company of Movable Type. “MT6’s architecture provides users with the ability to handle large quantities of content, and enables the seamless removal and updating of mass quantities of content, safely and securely.” Improved Documentation “We’ve been making great strides to re-establish our foothold in North America, through the partnerships we have formed, as well as the conscious effort we’ve made to really listen and…

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