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June 2009

June 23, 2009

Meet Melody

By Benjamin Trott and posted in News.

When Mena and I started working on Movable Type almost 8 years ago, one of the most delightful surprises in the project was how a passionate and creative community sprung up around the platform almost immediately. They even seemed to like the default name “Melody Nelson” we gave to the sample user that came with the application.1 Just a year and a half after the happy news of Movable Type’s release under the GPL license, Melody makes another appearance as we mark an exciting milestone for the community. Today, a number of long-time Movable Type community leaders, including some who supported MT right from that first release 8 years ago, are announcing Melody. In short, Melody is a project to catalyze the core community of developers who want to evolve the open source core of Movable Type. Where our official Six Apart releases of Movable Type focus on great professional support, rock-solid stability, backwards compatibility, and broad platform support as core principles, we see the Melody community focusing on the equally-valuable ideas of bleeding-edge community-driven ideas, rapid iteration, and integration with the code of other open source projects. It’s great news for the entire Movable Type community, as this new project uses…

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June 17, 2009

MT 4.261: A Small Patch Release

By Matt Jacobs and posted in News.

We just made MT 4.261 available in your Movable Type account and to the community on The changes were minor and are detailed in the release notes. Primarily, we updated the schema version to include newly created database indexes. If you hadn’t yet downloaded 4.26, we posted about the release last week. For your convenience, here are links to download the new version: MTOS-4.261-en.tar.gz…

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June 10, 2009

MT 4.26 Now Available

By Matt Jacobs and posted in News.

We just announced the availability of MT 4.26 on the blog. This optional performance release includes bug fixes and feature improvements. No new features have been added. MT 4.26 provides dramatically better search performance for large datasets and improves performance and reliability around TheSchwartz. More details can be found on the release notes, or you can just use the following direct download links to get MTOS 4.26: MTOS-4.26-en.tar.gz We want to thank everyone in the community for your ongoing feedback and suggestions for improving Movable Type. While this release doesn’t address every bug report and potential performance enhancement, we are continually working to improve your experience and satisfaction with Movable Type. New MTE 4.26 config directives Core DisableObjectCache ObjectCacheLimit RPTFreeMemoryLimit RPTProcessCap RPTSwapMemoryLimit SchwartzClientDeadline SchwartzFreeMemoryLimit SchwartzSwapMemoryLimit Enterprise Pack DatabaseRoles DBCheckSlaveStatus DBMaxReplicationLag DBRetryDuration And some bonus config directives for MT 4.25… New in MT 4.25 config directives Core AssetFileTypes DefaultTemplateSet FastCGIMaxRequests FastCGIMaxTime Commercial Pack EmbedDomainWhitelist Community Pack ReturnToURL…

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