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December 9, 2014

Movable Type 6.0.6 released

Posted in News.

Movable Type versions 6.0.6, 5.2.11 and 5.18 were released as mandatory security updates. These updates resolve a vulnerability discovered in Movable Type’s XML-RPC interface (CVE-2014-9057). All users should upgrade to this latest release immediately.

Please see Securing Movable Type for additional steps to protect your installation.

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October 1, 2014

Movable Type 6.0.5 released

Posted in News.

What a busy summer! We have been not only planning the next Movable Type innovations, but also resolving more than 150 cases submitted by our engineers as well as many of our valued community members.

The time has come to make all these improvements available to you, and we are happy to announce Movable Type 6.0.5! This is a bug fix release that also includes some new functionality.

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September 24, 2014

Find plugins and themes more easily than ever

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We are happy to announce we have completed beta testing of the new plugin and theme directory, and it is now available at

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May 15, 2014

Securing Movable Type

By Charlie Gorichanaz and posted in Security.

Data security is an increasingly important topic, and while Movable Type has a strong track record, there are steps you can take to harden your system.

To make this as straightforward as possible, we created the document “Securing Movable Type” to gather some important strategies in one place. Please review it and consider how you or your organization can improve security.

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May 1, 2014

Get inspired with Movable Type recipes

By Charlie Gorichanaz and posted in Resources.

Efficient designers and developers want to spend time solving problems rather than reinventing the wheel. Often it is difficult, though, to know if somebody else has dealt with the issue at hand. And if they have, there is no single place to find the solution. Until now.

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April 24, 2014

Syntax highlighting for MTML on GitHub

By Charlie Gorichanaz and posted in News.

Many developers in our community use the popular collaborative coding service GitHub to host and share Movable Type projects. Often the file extension of choice for template code is .mtml, but such files on GitHub were not blessed with special syntax highlighting. A potential workaround would be to use a different extension, such as .html or .xml instead. Still, many thousands of files on GitHub use the Movable Type Markup Language extension. Now you can get the best of both worlds! Starting this week, GitHub recognizes .mtml files as Movable Type Markup Language. You can therefore use the friendly .mtml file extension and also get nicely colored pages on GitHub. Enjoy!…

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April 17, 2014

New installation guides for Apple and Microsoft environments

By Charlie Gorichanaz and posted in Resources.

Getting up and running with Movable Type just got easier! We recently published several step by step guides for some commonly encountered server setups. OSX users Many developers use Mac computers and can benefit from setting up a local copy of a Movable Type installation for development purposes. Working locally, as opposed to working on a remote server, is often faster and more convenient, and you don’t even need to be online. Never again will you have to lose a minute of productivity due to not having Internet access on the airplane or during a brownout! To get started, see Installing on OSX Mavericks. Microsoft users We also have some goodies for our Microsoft based customers. For system administrators looking to deploy on Microsoft IIS or to Microsoft Azure, please see these new documents: Installing on Microsoft Azure FastCGI and Microsoft IIS Also check out the document Windows Server Installation Instructions. It links to important information for installing Movable Type Advanced and SQL Server….

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January 15, 2014

Movable Type 6.0.2 Release Notes

By Dave Aiello and posted in News.

New & Improved Functions Server Sync (Movable Type Advanced) The server sync function is now available for Movable Type Advanced users. By using server sync, content created on Movable Type Advanced can be sent to and published on an external server. As Movable Type Advanced does not need to be installed on the external content publishing server, this greatly decreases security risks, such as unauthorized access. If the server containing Movable Type Advanced is set up to act as a staging environment, that server can then be used to store backup content. Blogs and websites can be sent to and published from multiple servers and both FTP and rsync are supported as viable distribution methods. Internet Explorer 11 Support Movable Type should now run smoothly on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11. (The Modern UI is no longer recommended.) [IE=Edge] is the new setting for compatibility mode across all admin screens. Microsoft IIS Server Fast CGI Support FastCGI is now supported for use on the Microsoft IIS server. FastCGI can help enhance operation performance on the Movable Type admin screen, although please note there are some known issues and restrictions. Additional Modifiers When using dynamic publishing, the [byauthor] and [bycategory] modifiers can…

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