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Get inspired with Movable Type recipes

By Charlie Gorichanaz
Posted May 1, 2014, in Resources.

Efficient designers and developers want to spend time solving problems rather than reinventing the wheel. Often it is difficult, though, to know if somebody else has dealt with the issue at hand. And if they have, there is no single place to find the solution. Until now.

To help all our users be more effective, we’re building Movable Type Recipes, a collection of examples of how the platform can be used in interesting ways to address new and recurring issues. This could help solve your current challenges and hopefully also inspire you to take your content management skills to the next level by seeing what is possible.

We are hosting the project in the GitHub repository mt-recipes to allow for community members to contribute their own recipes and work together to improve existing ones. This also brings all the perks of GitHub many developers know and love, including simple issue tracking, revision history and credit where credit is due.

As we populate the directory with our own experiences, please feel free to contribute in any way you can. You don’t even need Git or GitHub experience. See the repository’s Contribute section for more information.

We look forward to building Movable Type recipes together!

Movable Type recipes example