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Movable Type AMI Edition for Amazon Linux 2023 released

By Daiji Hirata
Posted April 19, 2023, in MT Newsbox.

We are pleased to announce the release of Movable Type AM Edition based on Amazon Linux 2023 (AL2023).

The Movable Type AMI based on Amazon Linux 2023 has the following features and changes, compared to the currently available AMI based on Amazon Linux 2 (AL2).

Major features

  • Movable Type 7 r.5402 (7.9.7-2) and related packages are installed based on AL2023 and configured to work immediately after launch
  • Both the Apache httpd and the nginx web servers are now supported in an AMI. It is configured with Apache httpd by default. You can switch the web server with /app/tools/switch-webserver command, which is newly added.
  • Enables to switch web servers and set some Movable Type Configuration Directives at launching via EC2 instance user data. You can change the default language and database setting in the beginning.
  • Installs pre-configured policies for running Movable Type under SELinux. The policies are included in the package movabletype-selinux, which is provided with the package movabletype, and contains rules for Movable Type to work with the default files and directory structures, including the related packages such as httpd / mysqld.

Release Notes

Please review the Movable Type release notes to see everything that was added and improved since the version you are currently using.

How to get Movable Type 7 AMI

Movable Type AMI Edition is available on AWS Marketplace.