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Yuji Takayama

May 31, 2015

Movable Type for AWS (Apache) is now available on the AWS Marketplace

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“Movable Type for AWS (Apache)” is the newest product of “Movable Type for AWS”. In this product, you can use Apache HTTP Server as a Web server. Let’s begin “Movable Type for AWS (Apache)” now. System Environment Application:Latest Movable Type 6 OS:Amazon Linux 2015.03 Web Server:Apache HTTP Server PSGI Server:starman PHP:php-fpm Database:mysql PRICING The software fee of Movable Type for AWS (Apache) is time-based. You can choose the payment method as hourly or annual. Hourly:$0.07 /1 hour Annual: $499 /1 year Technical support is not included. EC2 usage fee will be charged separately. Movable Type for AWS (Apache) does not provide a micro instance….

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