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Steve Cook

April 18, 2009

Open source releases from Six Apart Services

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Six Apart Services has a bag of tricks that would make Felix proud. Over the last few weeks, we’ve released several pieces of code as open source that we think other developers might want to add to their own magic bags. Bob the Rebuilder A utility class using run-periodic-tasks to continuously rebuild blogs on a scheduled basis. (Note that rpt must be enabled for Bob to do anything.) Reblog Reblog pulls feed entries from RSS or Atom feeds and turns them into Movable Type entries. Imports can be run either manually or in the background using run-periodic-tasks. UnrecognizedTags UnrecognizedTags implements a system-level Tools menu item that will compile every template in the installation and report on all instances of unrecognized tags, collated by tag and listed by blog and template. We’ve used Bob on a number of projects to keep index pages fresh when they’re being populated by items such as ActionStreams that don’t trigger a rebuild; Reblog is a utility knife that enables some highly complex content aggregation; UnrecognizedTags is incredibly helpful to keep templates from breaking when upgrading legacy systems or replacing plugins. Additionally, we’ve pushed out the Services versions of two existing developer tools. MT::Test(now nonavilable) The…

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March 30, 2009

Bob the Rebuilder

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Bob the Rebuilder provides a way to republish a blog or website (or a part of a blog or website) on a recurring schedule. For example, create a job to republish an entire blog every 24 hours, or create a job to republish all index archives every 10 minutes. An unlimited number of jobs can be created to republish any blog (or part of it) according to a number of set frequency choices.

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