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Natalie Podrazik

March 11, 2010

Open Sourcing GeoType, PostOffice, CAS, BuildTracer

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Hi all, We’ve open sourced a few more plugins, and they’re all available in the Six Apart Github repository! GeoType allows you to associate GoogleMap data with an entry. Each map extends the MT Asset framework, so it’s managed similar to uploaded images or documents, and associated to an entry in the exact same way. PostOffice enables blog posting via email. You may have been following along in MTOS earlier this week about this one, Brad Choate made a lot of handy fixes. CentralAuthenticationService allows you to configure MT to delegate user authentication to a CAS server in place of the built-in native authentication scheme. BuildTracer benchmarks statically-published templates and provides a visual display of how long it takes each tag to publish. It’s originally by Akira and available on his site, but we’ve been updating it in Github to match the latest builds of MT. Since we’re releasing these plugins as open-source and they’re not officially supported by Six Apart, we invite the community to improve upon them. Anyone and everyone is welcome to follow and contribute to the projects’ Github repositories. Enjoy!…

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