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Benjamin Trott

June 23, 2009

Meet Melody

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When Mena and I started working on Movable Type almost 8 years ago, one of the most delightful surprises in the project was how a passionate and creative community sprung up around the platform almost immediately. They even seemed to like the default name “Melody Nelson” we gave to the sample user that came with the application.1 Just a year and a half after the happy news of Movable Type’s release under the GPL license, Melody makes another appearance as we mark an exciting milestone for the community. Today, a number of long-time Movable Type community leaders, including some who supported MT right from that first release 8 years ago, are announcing Melody. In short, Melody is a project to catalyze the core community of developers who want to evolve the open source core of Movable Type. Where our official Six Apart releases of Movable Type focus on great professional support, rock-solid stability, backwards compatibility, and broad platform support as core principles, we see the Melody community focusing on the equally-valuable ideas of bleeding-edge community-driven ideas, rapid iteration, and integration with the code of other open source projects. It’s great news for the entire Movable Type community, as this new project uses…

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March 6, 2008

Fire Eagle

Posted in Plugin Directory.

The Fire Eagle plugin for Movable Type connects your Movable Type profile to your account on Yahoo’s Fire Eagle service, making your Movable Type install location-aware. It adds your “Current Location” —pulled periodically from Fire Eagle— to your profile, makes…

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August 14, 2007


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The Refeed plugin for Movable Type 4 (MT4) provides an easy way to pull in content stored in multiple external blogs and republish or “reblog” that content locally in Movable Type. It works by providing administrators with an interface into…

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