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Managing Users

Movable Type has a granular permission system which allows administrators to finely control what each user is allowed to do within the system. This is accomplished through a combination of fine-grained privileges, roles and permissions.

  • Privileges. Privileges are particular capabilities within the system like the ability to “create entries.”

  • Roles. A role is a group of privileges which can be assigned together to a user on a particular blog.

  • Permissions. A permission is the combination of a user with a role and a blog. It is only by creating permissions that users gain blog-level capabilities. System-level permissions are granted singly and are not related to a blog.

Creation of user accounts and user roles is a role reserved for System Administrators. Every user of the system must have a user account in order to access Movable Type. Creating, deleting and editing individual users can be done through the Manage Users feature in the System Overview area of Movable Type.

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