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Editing an Existing Role

Editing user roles is reserved for System Administrators. To edit an existing role in Movable Type.

  1. Switch to the System Overview area of Movable Type by clicking on the blog selection menu and choosing “System Overview.”

  2. Click Manage > Users from the System Overview’s main menu. This will open a listing of all users that exist in your system.

  3. In the left-hand menu, click on “Roles” to switch to the listing of System-Wide Roles.

  4. Locate the role you wish to edit, and click on its role name. This will open the Role Details screen where you can edit the name and description of the role, as well as the privileges associated with the role. You can also view the list of users that have been assigned that role on blogs in the system.

Editing Role Details

From this screen you can edit the name or description of a role.

Editing Privileges Associated with the Role

For more information about individual privileges that can be assigned to each role, view the help topic Creating a New Role.

Note: When you edit the privileges of an existing role, all users who have that role on a blog will gain those new privileges on each of the blogs where they are assigned that role. The changes in privileges are immediate.

Viewing a list of users with that role

To view a list of users that have been assigned that role, locate and click on the “Users” link in the left-hand navigation component of the screen. Or you can locate and click on the link at the top of the screen that provides a count of the number of users with that role.