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Enabling and Disabling Users

Movable Type allows you to “enable” and “disable” users. Disabling a user prevents the user from signing in to Movable Type, while retaining all of their user profile information and permissions in Movable Type.

You can enable or disable an individual user from the User Profile screen. Enabling / disabling a user is reserved for System Administrators. To enable or disable a user in Movable Type:

  1. Switch to the System Overview area of Movable Type by clicking on the blog selection menu and choosing “System Overview.”

  2. Click Manage > Users from the System Overview’s main menu. This will open a listing of all users that exist in your system.

  3. Locate the user who you wish to enable or disable, and click on their username. This will open the User Profile screen, where you can enable or disable the user and edit other details of their User Profile.