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Deleting a Role

Deleting user roles is reserved for System Administrators. To delete an existing role in Movable Type.

  1. Switch to the System Overview area of Movable Type by clicking on the blog selection menu and choosing “System Overview.”

  2. Click Manage > Users from the System Overview’s main menu. This will open a listing of all users that exist in your system.

  3. In the left-hand menu, click on “Roles” to switch to the listing of System-Wide Roles.

  4. Locate the role you wish to delte, click on its checkbox to select its row, and then click the “Delete” button. Movable Type will ask you to confirm your choice before deleting the role from the system.

WARNING: When you delete a role, you remove the privileges on any blog where a user had that role permission assigned. For example, if the users “Brad” and “Byrne” had the role “Author” on the blogs “Company Blog” and “Internal Blog” then by deleting the role “Author,” both Brad and Byrne would no longer be able to create entries (or perform any of the other privileges assigned to the Author Role) on those two blogs.