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Changing a User’s Password

Editing user accounts and their permissions is a role reserved for System Administrators. To change a user’s password in Movable Type, you follow the same steps as editing a user’s profile:

  1. Switch to the System Overview area of Movable Type by clicking on the blog selection menu and choosing “System Overview.”

  2. Click Users > Manage from the System Overview’s main menu. This will open a listing of all users that exist in your system.

  3. Locate the user whose password you wish to change and click on their username, which will open the User Profile screen. Here you can change their password, as well as edit basic profile information about the user, optionally create a new personal blog for the user, and optionally assign the user system administrator privileges. See Editing a User’s Profile for more information.

Note: Movable Type 5.13 introduced a stronger password encryption algorithm. The older versions of Movable Type only recognized the first eight characters of the password. With the new encryption algorithm, MT5.13 recognizes the password in full length. When you upgrade your installation from the older versions to 5.13, Movable Type users can sign-in to the installation with the old password, but it is recommended to update their passwords to utilize this change.

Reset Password for Movable Type User via MySQL

If you are unable to login to Movable Type with user having the system administrator role, but you are able to access your MySQL database, you can reset passwords manually using the following SQL.

  1. login to mysql

  2. find id of user

    > select author_name, author_id from mt_author;
    | author_name   | author_id |
    | beau          |         1 |
    | quinn         |         2 |
    | ryan          |         3 |
    | jono          |         4 |
  3. issue the command using the correct author id from the table

    > update mt_author set author_password = encrypt('foobar') where author_id = 1;