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Movable Type 4.2 Documentation

The primary objective of the Movable Type 4.2 release is to dramatically improve the performance of Movable Type under a variety of conditions and for the largest number of users possible. This release will be guided by the following principals:

  • To the greatest extend possible minimize the number of changes that will be required to make to existing blog templates.
  • To minimize the amount of additional software needed in order to take advantage of performance benefits introduced.

Most importantly, we are committed to approaching this problem empirically and systematically, with a desire to make decisions based upon real quantitative data and not conjecture.


New Features

  • Performance Enhancements. There are many changes that have been incorporated into the core of Movable Type to dramatically speed up publishing, reduce it’s memory footprint, and make it more scalable than ever.
    • Module Caching. Speed up publishing by caching the output from commonly used template modules.
    • Server Side Includes. Increase the freshness of content across your site and speed up publishing by writing template modules to the file system and including them elsewhere.
    • Publishing Profiles and Strategies. Optimize site performance by fine tuning your publishing settings.
  • Design and Template Enhancements. The template editing interface has been enhanced to make designers more efficient at updating their site’s design. The default templates have also been dramatically simplified to make it easier for you to edit and create the site you want.
  • Comment Threading. Created threaded conversations on your blog.
  • Global User Banning. Easily ban users across multiple blogs at once and make it easier to achieve single sign on across a network of blogs.
  • New Template Tags.
  • New Configuration Directives.