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Movable Type 6.1 release notes

This version of Movable Type was released February 11, 2015.

New and improved functions

Data API version 2.0

Data API v2 is now able to create, update, retrieve and delete for almost all of the objects. For example, you can now create a new user via Data API. It is possible to realize that of almost the same as the operation of the web interface of Movable Type in Data API.

Also, to be able to restrict the access of the Data API for each websites and blogs. However, System administrator is able to access all website and blogs via Data API.

New configuration directive


When rebuilding templates, Movable Type splits up the rebuilding process into segments, each segment consists of N seconds. The default value for N is 20. So by default, MT returns response to the client when 20 seconds passed since request started. You can change the value globally here; if your web server’s timeout is 60 seconds, you can change to the less than 60.

Data API

When you specified uniquePath paramenter as 1 with endpoints that is for retrieve access analytics data by path (e.g. listStatsPageviewsForPath, listStatsVisitsForPath), You can get unique path and number of accesses.


  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9 will no longer support. It is possible to use it continue, but we will never fix actively.
  • In the website/blog selector dialog, no longer hide websites and blogs that listed in the site selector.
  • Preview screen now always open in a new window. If you want to revert to the previous behavior, please add the following to the mt-config.cgi.

    PreviewInNewWindow 0

  • listAssets Data API endpoint will never return related assets (e.g. auto-generated thumbnail file, popup html). If you wish to include these assets, you might specify relatedAssets as 1.

  • Profile Error global template was removed.

Solved Issues

Installing and upgrading

  • Upgrading from Movable Type 4.x now works when a role that named Website Administrator are duplicated. (#112430)
  • The content of the image type custom fields was never cleared when upgrading from Movable Type 4.1x. (#112711)

Smartphone Option

  • Asset selection on the asset listing dialog now works when using the Android 4.x. (#112574)
  • Improved footer style. (#112357)
  • Entry posting now works when PreviewInNewWindow is enabled. (#112324)

Data API

  • A new comment posting through the Data API will be published in accordance with comments policy. (#111506)
  • A comment body retrieving through Data API will be sanitized. (#111822)
  • Categories, Comments and Trackbacks resources that through the Data API now contains their Custom Fields data. (#112376)
  • maxComments and maxTrackbacks in the Entries resource is now contains correct values. (#112399)
  • Prevents pages data from being changed without permissions. (#112346)

Websites and blogs

  • Blog cloning now works when that except entries and pages, comments or trackbacks. (#112709)
  • <MTWebsiteHasBlog> is now return a value that based on parent website when using it in blog context. (#112634)
  • A site path validation now works when site path is absolute path. (#112624)
  • A modified date of website or blog will be updated by it current timezone settings. (#111241)
  • Site url and archive url
  • Add /(slash) automatically when site url or archive url does not ends with /(slash).(#112326)

Entries and pages

  • A selection folder are never cleared when clicking blank area in the folder list. (#112704)
  • The category cache for an entry will be purged when updating entry categories. (#111503)
  • <MTEntryTags> with include_private modifier now works. (#112465)
  • In Internet Explorer 11, fixed an issue that styling is broken when the output file name is too long. (#111521)
  • In Internet Explorer 8, fixed an issue that occurs Javascript error when switching text formatting from Rich Editor to another formatting. (#112354)
  • A selection category are never cleared when clicking blank area in the category list. (#112276)
  • Fixed an issue that occurs JavaScript error when clicking close button in the “Insert Image” Dialog. (#112363)
  • In Internet Explorer 8, fixed an issue that output file name is shown with a line break. (#112369)

Categories and folders

  • <MTHasParentFolder> now works when using with page that has no folders. (#112541)
  • <MTEntryCategories> will outputs list of category by correct order. (#112381)
  • A category that label is ‘0’ appears in the category list screen. (#111944)
  • In the category list screen, improves behavoir that moving lower category to upper level. (#111947)
  • It can open edit screen from list screen when category label is all blank. (#111930)
  • When a new category label is more than 100 characters, can not create it by appropriate error. (#111932)


  • Asset file size calculating now works fine when file size is more than 1MB. (#112377)
  • Width or height of the thumbnail that is automatically calculated is now in the correct value. (#111636)


  • An error message now contains category label when build error occurs with ‘Category Archive’. (#112553)
  • Syntax Highlighting now works correct when editing CSS or JavaScript. (#112659)
  • Build error occurs correctly when template code is wrong. (#112549)
  • Saved message now displaying when template has been saved. (#112474)
  • <MTBuildTemplateID> now returning template ID that the current build. (#96605)
  • sanitize modifier now does not adding unnecessary closing tag when it with br specified. (#112195)


  • MT4 Style Library is now online. (#112556)

Comments and trackbacks

  • Comment posting by anonymous user now works when URL is non ascii characters. (#112469)
  • Trackback spam judgment now works correctly. (#112699)
  • Facebook commenter authentication now works when the site is running with https. (#112671)

Backup and restore

  • In a Windows environment, restore a compressed backup file now works if the folder specified in TempDir environment variable is not writable. (# 112358)

Import and export

  • An correct error will be displayed when you do not specified import file. (#107400)

Custom Fields

  • When you add or remove a custom field, will remain the log in the system log. (#111573)

Dynamic Publishing

  • The days modifier is now respected than lastn modifier when both of days and lastn modifier are specified for <MTEntries>. (#111569)
  • The result of <MTArchiveLabel> is now translated when using <MTArchiveLabel> in the ‘Category Archive’. (#100742)
  • isset function now works when using isset function to properties of the object. (#112150)
  • The cache feature that by smarty now works when enabling cache from setting screen. (#112462)
  • The result of escape_html is now same as both of static publishing and dynamic publishing. (#111348)
  • When mt-search.cgi is operating in PSGI environment, if you specify an invalid query, it does not return search results that have been previously cached. (#112651)
  • mt-search.cgi that running on the PSGI environment does not return results that have been previously cached when you specified invalid query parameter. (#112651)
  • In the search result page, you can get the result of correct tag search continually when you did tag search. (#66890)
  • The contents of blog_id parameters that were passed to the mt-search.cgi is , , Fixed an issue that has not been taken over by the tag. (#112335)
  • <MTPreviousLink>, <MTNextLink> and <MTPagerLink> now the blog_id parameter is taken over. (#112335)


  • Fixed English of ‘registration confirmation’ template. (#112660)
  • The author_name of plugin now displaying in ‘plugin detail screen’ when does not specified description of plugin. (#112617)
  • The side menu is now appear to expand when creating boilerplate in the website. (#112529)
  • An error message will be displayed properly when a value of LocalLib environment variable specified without local::lib perl module. (#112505)
  • If the block tag that does not involve the end tag is present in the block tag, an error message will be displayed properly. (#112398)
  • Filter list screen now works if a filter that added by the plugin that is not exist or disabled is exists. (#112352)
  • The modified date for an object is now updated when replace a value by ‘Search and Replace’. (#111679)
  • ‘Movable Type News’ will be updated automatically when upgrading from old versions. (#112251)


  • The Movable Type applications will never run on debug mode when Time::HiRes does not installed. Please install TIme::HiRes perl modules.

There are several known issues and restrictions with Movable Type 6. For more information, please see Movable Type 6 Installation Notes.


The release of Movable Type 6.1 brings with it a large number of improvements that were made possible by the help and support of Movable Type community members. We would like to include a special shout out to the following members for their contributions to this update:

  • Abe from OSSI Inc.(#112574)
  • Nose (#112578)
  • John Lightsey (#109458)
  • BUN on Twitter (#111569)
  • (#112709)
  • taiju@alfasado (#111822, #112727, #112352, #112354, #111636)
  • Shingo Watanabe (#111573, #112692, #112617, #112549, #112505, #112251, #112369, #112363, #112462)
  • yuusuke tsubokawa (#112651)
  • Taiju on GitHub (#112659)
  • Mihai Bocsaru (#112660)
  • Dan Wolfgang (#112474, #112465)
  • Yujiro Araki (#111947)
  • Yasuhiro Takahashi (#112357, #112276, #112324)
  • Jay Allen (#96605)
  • noka (#112195)
  • yuichi_takeuchi (#111348)

All bugs are documented through an external site. A FogBugz account is required in order to view case details.