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Movable Type 6 Installation Notes

This version of Movable Type was released October 17, 2013.

Notes for Installing and Upgrading

For users upgrading from an earlier version of Movable Type:

  • Movable Type 6 Pro supports databases that are MySQL 5.0 and higher. Movable Type Advanced can also be used with Oracle Database 11g/11g R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012.
  • If using SQLite or PostgreSQL, please refer to Migrating to MySQL from SQLite or PostgreSQL before upgrading.
  • Only Perl 5.8.1 and higher is supported.
  • UTF-8 is recommended. Movable Type 6 can still use ISO-8859 if PublishCharset iso-8859 is specified in the configuration.
  • PHP 5.x is required for dynamic publishing. (PHP 5.3 is recommended.)
  • Some templates may need to be modified if upgrading from certain earlier versions of MT. Please see Upgrading to Movable Type 5.13, 5.07, or 4.38 for more information.
  • SQLSetNames 0 must be included in mt-config.cgi in order to use UTF-8 with MySQL 5.x in the database.
  • Make sure DefaultLanguage is included in mt-config.cgi. If it is not, add DefaultLanguage en.
  • When upgrading from Movable Type 3.x, if the mt-static directory was set up to be separate from the Movable Type application directory, make sure StaticWebPath and StaticFilePath in mt-config.cgi match the installation environment.
  • Entry and web page custom field display order will not be saved when upgrading from Movable Type 4.1x.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in Movable Type and patches for these issues will be included in future releases.

  • Dynamic publishing cannot be used with versions other than PHP 5.3 and 5.4.
  • CAPTCHA post authorization cannot be used if Movable Type Advanced was installed on Windows Azure using Deploy Kit.
  • For Movable Type on Windows: regarding child blogs from a related website, background publishing cannot be used on the profile pages for these blogs if using dynamic publishing.
  • SMTP authorized SSL test mails cannot be sent if using Movable Type on Windows.
  • If SingleCommunity is enabled, which is the default since version 4.3, externally authorized commenter data is not saved in backup data from backed up websites or blogs. (106123)
  • When cloning a blog, custom fields are cloned even if they are set to be excluded in the blog cloning options. (103647)
  • Words starting with “not” (such as “notebook”) will not be included in search results if using the mt-search.cgi search function. (103971)
  • The Textile tag cannot be used with dynamic publishing. (100985)
  • The MarkdownOptions tag cannot be used with dynamic publishing. (100980)
  • System level custom fields cannot be included in themes.
  • When setting a previously published entry to unpublished or draft and saving, the existing individual entry archive file is not removed if using the publishing queue. (111248)
  • The regex_replace modifier does not work correctly if the target character string contains double quotation marks. See Handling Double Quotes. (111870)

Movable Type Advanced Known Issues

The following are known issues in Movable Type Advanced and patches for these issues will be included in future releases.

  • Case sensitive searches are not currently possible in Oracle.
  • When restoring a backup file from group backup data, all groups with the same name will be duplicated upon restoration.
  • On Windows Azure, if an item with a Japanese file name is uploaded, the file name will become garbled and the file will be inaccessible.


The following issues currently have no estimated resolution date.

  • When creating an entry using the rich text editor on an Internet Explorer 8 + SSL environment, a security warning appears when inserting an image in a blog entry.
  • Installation is not possible using DBD::Oracle v1.23. Please use v1.25 or higher.
  • Dynamic publishing does not support TIFF or BMP image files.
  • On an entry or page, if “0” is entered in an input field and then saved, the value will remain blank.
  • Backup and restoration functions do not work correctly when using FastCGI.
  • Upgrading does not work correctly when using FastCGI. You can still use the command line upgrade.
  • When using FastCGI, if the time setting for Activity Timeout, Idle Timeout and Request Timeout is too short, a 500 error will occur.
  • When Feeds.App Lite processes an external feed, the text can become garbled.
  • On a Microsoft IIS server, an error occurs when posting using the mt-atom.cgi Atom API. The posted article is still successfully saved to Movable Type.
  • The DBI module must be upgraded to version 1.623 or higher if using MySQL on Windows Server 2012.