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Movable Type 4.33 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released January 5, 2010.

Resolved Issues in Movable Type 4.33

All FogBugz cases referenced in these Release Notes should now be available to the general public. Please let us know if you find cases that you cannot access.

  • Fixed some situations where registered Movable Type users with lesser administrative roles could display pages in the CMS that require Blog Administrator or Systemwide Permissions. (103382)
  • Improved detection of images that are crafted to expose vulnerabilities in older browsers. (103383)
  • New configuration directive: AssetFileExtensions. (103404)
  • Fixed an out-of-memory problem that sometimes occurred to Movable Type Enterprise customers using Oracle databases when site visitors were using the Search function.  (Sometimes reported as ‘Deep recursion on subroutine "MT::ObjectDriver::Driver::DBD::Oracle::driver_search"….’) (103405)
  • Fixed an error that occurred to Movable Type Enterprise customers using Oracle database when publishing a template that contains an <mt:EntryAssets> tag and the entry in context has no assets associated with it.  (Typically ‘Can’t call method "execute" on an undefined value’.) (103406)
  • Fixed a problem where <MT:EntryAssets> doesn’t correctly detect and handle entries with no assets. (103420)
  • Fixed a problem where the first change to a template linked to file in the file system was silently discarded, but subsequent editing and saving of the linked template within Movable Type worked properly. (103421)
  • Updated Zemanta plugin to Version 0.8. (103422)

Known Issues in Movable Type 4.33


Note: These fixes aren’t currently included in Movable Type 4.33. Consult the FogBugz case for instructions on how to patch your installation.

  • MT4: Typo in MT::Summary::Proxy That Could Result in Errors When the Module is Loaded. (103699)

Note: In some large installations that utilize deferred publishing methods such as the Publish Queue and/or run-periodic-tasks, significant performance degradation has been seen if the patch listed above isn’t applied to Movable Type 4.33.

  • Searching for entries by date range broken (103357)

Resolved but Needs Testing / QA

  • MT4: CMS search results broken after first 125 results (101036)


  • Zemanta Plugin: The Zemanta plugin does not use the HTTPProxy configuration directive. (103239)
  • AtomPub Server: The AtomPub server may fail to publish entries with large embedded files in certain situations. (103423)
  • Movable Type Enterprise customers using Oracle databases may experience an error when an empty array is passed to an object load method (Typically "DBD::Oracle::db prepare_cached failed: ORA-00936: missing expression (DBD ERROR: error possibly near <*> indicator at char… in ‘SELECT….’"). This error is fixed in Movable Type 4.33 but is no longer fixed if the patch in Case 103357 is applied. (103418)

Movable Type 4.34 Released