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Movable Type 7 r.5301 (7.9.5) Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released August 24, 2022.

Movable Type 7 r.5301 (7.9.5) Releases Notes. This version includes a security fix.

Security issues

  • [MTC-28496] Fixed an issue where an invalid request via the XMLRPC API could cause limited execution of perl or shell commands (CVE-2022-38078)

New and improved features

  • [MTC-28492] Updated jQuery Validation Plugin to v1.9.4
  • [MTC-28474] Added Configuration Directive PSGIServeStatic to control output of mt-static, support directories, favicons, etc. via the PSGI server
  • [MTC-28431] Updated jQuery Migrate to v3.4.0
  • [MTC-28191] Enabled to attach files via MT::Mail when the external modules in Configuration Directive MailModule support
  • [MTC-27653] Supported V4 profiles in the GoogleAnalytics plugin
  • [MTC-27384] Added Quick Filters “Show only Parent Site” and “Show only Child Site” on Site Setting
  • [MTC-27329] Added ID to display option on List Tags
  • [MTC-26998] Added total numbers of data on List Content Data as same as Entry or Page
  • [MTC-26383] Added versioning of Global Templates. To enable, set number of revisions to be saved to Configuration Directive GlobalTemplateMaxRevisions
  • [MTC-25880] Added the label “Site” “Child Site” on List website
  • [MTC-9456] Added Configuration Directive MailLogAlways, which logs even when mail is successfully sent to the system log, too. The recipient and subject are now recorded in the log when mail is sent\
  • [SUPPORT-70] Added “Modified Author” to display option on List Entry, Page or ContentData. Added template tags which handle the “Last Modified Author” below:
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorDisplayName
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorEmail
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorID
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorLink
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorURL
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorUsername
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorUserpic
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorUserpicAsset
    • MTContentModifiedAuthorUserpicURL
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorDisplayName
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorEmail
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorID
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorLink
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorURL
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorUsername
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorUserpic
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorUserpicAsset
    • MTEntryModifiedAuthorUserpicURL
    • MTPageModifiedAuthorDisplayName
    • MTPageModifiedAuthorEmail
    • MTPageModifiedAuthorLink
    • MTPageModifiedAuthorURL
  • [MTC-28441] Updated modules bundled in extlib
    • Algorithm::Diff 1.201
    • CGI 4.54
    • Cache::Memory 2.11
    • Class::Data::Inheritable 0.09
    • Class::Inspector 1.36
    • Class::Method::Modifiers 2.13
    • Class::Trigger 0.15
    • Clone::PP 1.08
    • Digest 1.20
    • File::Copy::Recursive 0.45
    • File::Listing 6.15
    • HTTP::Cookies 6.10
    • HTTP::Daemon 6.14
    • HTTP::Date 6.05
    • HTTP::Message 6.36
    • Heap::Fibonacci 0.80
    • Image::ExifTool 12.30
    • JSON 4.07
    • JSON::PP 4.10
    • LWP 6.62
    • LWP::MediaTypes 6.04
    • LWP::Protocol::https 6.10
    • Locale::Maketext 1.31
    • Math::BigInt 1.999830
    • Net::FTPSSL 0.42
    • Net::HTTP 6.22
    • SOAP::Lite 1.27
    • TheSchwartz 1.17
    • Try::Tiny 0.31
    • UNIVERSAL::require 0.19
    • URI 5.10
    • XML::Atom 0.43
    • XML::Parser::Lite 0.722
    • XML::SAX 1.02
    • XML::Simple 2.25
    • XML::XPath 1.44
    • YAML::Tiny 1.73
    • parent 0.238
    • IO::HTML 1.004
    • Time::Local 1.30

Resolved issues

  • [MTC-28508] Fixed error message displayed on site import
  • [MTC-28502] Fixed a problem with saving a field that handles “Date and Time” with an incorrect date and time.
  • [MTC-28494] Fixed a fatal error when using dynamic publishing with PHP 8.0.x when unexpected arguments are passed to datetime_to_timestamp and days_in in MTUtil.php
  • [MTC-28489] Fixed to enable loading=lazy and decoding=async in img tags generated by Movable Type only on mt.cgi
  • [MTC-28488] Fixed the margin between checkbox and label on mt.cgi
  • [MTC-28484] Fixed 502 error at selecting a site from side menu when Configuration Detective PSGIStreaming is 1
  • [MTC-28481] Fixed to check “Keyword” as the target field of “Punctuation Replacement Setting” on Post Setting
  • [MTC-28473] Now not loading XMLRPC::Transport::HTTP::Plack when XMLRPC is disabled in PSGI
  • [MTC-28472] Fixed to handle Environment Variables MT_CONFIG and MT_HOME independently in mt-check.cgi
  • [MTC-28457] Fixed to set GraphicsMagick prefer to ImageDriver when Graphics::Magick is available in mt-wizard.cgi
  • [MTC-28445] Fixed L10N of tooltip of SVG Icon of Published and Draft
  • [MTC-28400] Updated information of module in README, mt-wizard.cgi and mt-check.cgi
  • [MTC-28372] Fixed to disable Data API at upgrading from Movable Type 4 or 5
  • [MTC-28062] Fixed parameters in L10N messages
  • [MTC-26993] Fixed to enable buttons of RichText in “Multi Line Text” of ContentType in Themes
  • [MTC-26310] Unified the filter name to “New FIlter” which is not saved yet on List Pages or Assets
  • [MTC-25409] Fixed a problem that allowed non-numeric characters to be set as the initial value of Time ContentField
  • [MTC-25052] Fixed an issue where the data retrieved by stats in the Data API could be incorrect when there are different articles published under the same path
  • [MTC-2609] The tabindex on mt.cgi has been reorganized. Focus movement with the tab key is now more natural
  • [SUPPORT-164] Fixed a problem in which boilerplates is not inserted when anything other than “Rich Text” is selected for “Format” in Edit a Post
  • [SUPPORT-156] Fixed template tags MTCanonicalURL and MTCanonicalLink to work in preview
  • [SUPPORT-29] Fixed an issue that template tag MTCategorySets ignores the attributecontent_type when the attribute id or name is set

Sync.pack (Movable Type Advanced)

  • [CLOUD-175] In the sync settings, if a sync has already been made to the same destination on another site, it will be displayed as such.
  • [SUPPORT-148] The “Sync all files” setting information is now logged and added to the sync history.


We would like to thank all those who have reported bugs and requested features for the release. In particular, we would like to thank the following people individually.

  • [MTC-28496] Osaka University of Economics, SHIGA TAKUMA of BroadBand Security, Inc., IPA and JPCERT/CC for their cooperation in handling the vulnerability information
  • [MTC-28484] Xtone ltd., Mishima OA System Co.,Ltd.