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This is documentation about a configuration directive, which can be placed within Movable Type’s core configuration file, mt-config.cgi, to customize the behavior of the system.

Specifies the image toolkit used to create thumbnails from uploaded images. By default, the ImageMagick library and Image::Magick Perl module are used. Movable Type also supports NetPBM, GD and Imager.

All of these tools must be installed properly before using with MT. Generally this means installing libjpeg, libpng and perhaps libgif first and then installing the toolkit of choice.

Default value: ImageMagick

Allowed values:

  • ImageMagick
  • NetPBM
  • GD
  • Imager MT5.1
  • GraphicsMagick (MT7 r4609 / 7.4.0)


ImageDriver NetPBM


If you find you do not get the thumbnail options upon uploading an image to MT’s asset manager:

  • Go to System Overview -> Tools -> System Information and see if you have any of the optional image processing modules installed. Look at the status of GD, Image::Magick and Imager.
  • If Image::Magick appears to be installed, see if the ImageDriver directive is pointing MT to another library that might not be installed. Try removing the directive so MT defaults to ImageMagick.
  • If the ImageDriver directive is set to something else, such as Imager, and the corresponding module appears to be installed, you may have missing dependencies, such as libjpeg, libpng and perhaps libgif.
  • After installing any dependencies, you should reinstall the main image toolkit. For example, if you are using Imager but had to install libjpeg, you’ll need to uninstall and then reinstall the Imager Perl module.

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.mau. on November 11, 2012, 8:03 a.m. Reply

I don’t know if it happened because Image:Magick was not under the main perl tree but at ./vendor_perl/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/auto/Image/Magick ; but on my installation I had to add explicitly the configuration line ImageDriver ImageMagick otherwise the dashboard complained there wasn’t!