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Plugins rendered obsolete by MT4

Plugins That Should Be Removed

An important goal of Movable Type 4.0 was to incorporate and fold into the core of the platform a number of plugins that provided features that were considered essential for the platform. Having these features provided by the core and a plugin at the same time has been known to cause problems for some users.

Users are asked to disable, or preferably remove the following plugins from their installation before installing:

  • nofollow
  • BigPAPI
  • Any plugins that rely on BigPAPI
  • RebuildQueue
  • Extensible Archives (provided by MT4 betas)
  • Date-based Category Archives (provided by MT4 betas)
  • Author Archives (provided by MT4 betas)

Users should also remove the following files as well:

  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/Textile.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/MTMultiblog.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/MTWidgetManager.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/init.nofollow.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/init.openid-comment.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/markdown.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/modifier.markdown.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/modifier.markdown_with_smartypants.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/modifier.smartypants.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/modifier.textile_1.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/modifier.textile_2.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/smartypants.php
  • $MT_HOME/php/plugins/Textile.php

Plugins Rendered Obsolete by MT4

The following plugins have been rendered obsolete by Movable Type 4.0. They should be disabled or removed from your installation entirely (upgrade instructions have been provided when apropos):

  • Live Preview
  • Auto-Save
  • Enhanced Entry Editing
  • Cat Calendar
  • Smart Rebuild
  • SCode
  • mt-varz
  • Naughty Word Chars
  • OpenID Comments