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Themes in Movable Type 4

In Movable Type, a “theme” refers to a couple of related elements that when combined govern the design of a blog:

  • Template Set - the set of templates that determine the page structure of your entire site, and the HTML for each page.
  • Styles - some template sets make available multiple styles to choose from that can give your site a dramatically different look and feel for your site. The styles are most often deployed through Style Catcher.

Template Sets

Listed below are some of Movable Type’s more popular template sets:

See a complete list of template sets in our plugin directory.

Styles and Style Catcher

Some template sets make available a collections of styles, in the form of CSS stylesheets, that can be applied to a site to transform the look and feel of that site. These alternative styles can be browsed from directly within Movable Type using “Style Catcher” - a tool found under the Design > Styles menu from any where within the application.

Here are some popular styles for the Classic Blog template set:

With many more to choose from directly within Style Catcher.

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