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How to File a Movable Type Pro Support Ticket

Before filing a Movable Type Pro Support Ticket

Filing a Movable Type Pro Support Ticket

Movable Type Pro Support is currently provided by After6 Services LLC.

We realize that screen shots would be helpful for certain steps in this section.

Using Movable Type Pro Support Tickets Properly

In order to help us respond to your issues quickly and accurately, we ask that you respect the following guidelines:

  • Limit each ticket to a single issue. Open a new ticket for new problems or questions.
  • Open only one ticket for the same issue.
  • Do not link to a post you’ve already made in the Ask an Expert as your only description of your problem. Explain the issue directly on the ticket instead.
  • Do not paste entire templates or the content of any files (such as mt-config.cgi) to your ticket unless that is specifically requested by a Support engineer.
  • Choose a descriptive subject for your ticket. Otherwise, our support staff may modify the subject to reflect more appropriate language.