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MT5 Documentation

Copying Files to a New Directory During Upgrade

When upgrading Movable Type, there are several files that must be copied from the current application directory to be used in the new directory. In a typical installation, the necessary files are as follows:

  • mt-config.cgi
  • plugins/plugin name
  • mt-static/plugins/plugin name
  • mt-static/support
  • themes/theme name

MT Settings File

All settings for your current version of Movable Type are located in the configuration file listed below:


Make sure to copy and move this file into the new application directory.


If you wish to continue using any plugins installed in your current version of Movable Type, please first confirm that the plugins will remain compatible with the upgraded version. You can check the support status of the plugin with the distributor. Descriptions of each plugin can be referenced by choosing "Plugins" from the "Tools" menu.

If the plugin is still usable upon upgrade, first, copy the plugin file from the old directory and then upload it to the new directory. Plugins are normally installed in the following locations:

(MT_HOME)/plugins/plugin name
(MT_STATIC)/plugins/plugin name

Example? MY_PLUGIN takes the place of the plugin name?

(MT_HOME) is the application directory where Movable Type is installed. In a typical installation scenario, (MT_STATIC) will be the "mt-static" directory inside the application directory.

Support Directory

All files necessary for Movable Type, such as profile images, themes, access analysis, etc., are saved in the support directory. In order to transfer this information over to the upgraded version of MT, make sure to copy the following file:


Example location

NOTE:In the event that this directory is not located in the application directory, make sure to change the file path accordingly.

Theme Directory

When upgrading from Movable Type 5.0 to any higher version, you must copy over any themes you want to continue using. However, you should not copy the MT default themes as they will most likely already be included in an upgraded format.

(MT_HOME)/themes/theme name

Example? MY_THEME takes the place of the theme name ?