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MT5 Documentation

The Smartphone Editor

Editing Entries and Pages

Blog entry and page editing capabilities should be practically identical to the PC version. There were, however, interface changes made in order to optimize performance on the smartphone and some options have been removed.

Please refer to "Creating and Publishing Entries" for more information.

Editing Screen Overview

  • Title

    • This field displays the title of the blog entry or webpage
  • Body

    • Information entered in this field will be viewable from the front page of the blog or webpage.
  • Extended

    • Information entered in this field will be hidden on the front page but accessible by clicking the "Extended" option.
  • Buttons

    • These two shortcut buttons can be tapped to either "insert image" or "insert item" respectively.
  • Format

    • Selects the text format type used when creating a blog entry or page.

The text decoration button has been omitted from the entry editor for the smartphone. However, it is still possible to set text decoration options by inputting the necessary HTML code directly as opposed to setting it through WYSIWYG mode. iOS5 and earlier only allows previously uploaded images and items to be inserted. Android users are able to directly upload and insert images and files. ?It is possible to directly upload and insert images and items from iOS6 and higher.

  • Category (Folder)

    • If categories (folders) are left unselected, the list of available categories (folders) will be displayed. Once selected, the category (folder) list will close. In order to reset the category (folder) setting, click the "edit" button to re-open the selection screen.
  • Tag

    • Sets the tags for the blog entry or page being edited.
  • Excerpt

    • Sets the excerpt text for the blog entry or page being edited.
  • Keyword

    • Sets the keywords for the blog entry or page being edited.

Keywords, tags, excerpts and other field information will be carried over from the PC settings. The smartphone editor does not allow for changes to be made to these fields, so any necessary settings changes need to be made from the PC editor.

  • "Status" Pulldown Menu

    • Includes "Save", "Publish", "Delete" and other related options.
  • Publish Date

    • Sets the publication date for blog entries and pages.
  • Baseame

    • Sets the basename for the published blog entry. Although this is set automatically, it can be customized by tapping the "edit" button. Once published to the site, the specified file can be added as an extension through archive settings. In accordance with archive mapping settings, any underscores in the file name will be automatically converted to hyphens.
  • Change Note

    • Any changes made to the webpage or blog entry will be saved in the modification history for future reference.
  • "Save/Publish/Update" Button

    • Saves, publishes or updates content respectively.
  • "Preview" Button

    • Provides a preview of the content currently being edited.
  • "Delete" Button

    • Deletes the blog entry (webpage).