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MT5 Documentation

Before You Begin

Before you start the Movable Type installation, read this section to make sure your server has the necessary components and that you have all the information you need to install.

Who Should Read this Guide

This guide is for anyone who needs to install Movable Type on a Web server. You should be familiar with your server's file system, in which directories (sometimes called folders--this guide uses the term directory) Web application files should be stored, and your server's configuration.

If you are installing on a Web server maintained by a hosting provider, your provider might be able to give you specific instructions on how and where to install Movable Type or install for you. Check with your hosting provider before installing.

If you are uncomfortable with installing software on a Web server, you can purchase installation service from Six Apart.

If you are installing Enterprise Solution because you want to integrate with your enterprise authentication system or enterprise database, you must be familiar with how authentication and/or databases are configured on your network.

Movable Type Requirements

Install the required software on your Web server and your local, personal computer before you begin the Movable Type installation.

Personal Computer

  • Web Browser
  • FTP program for loading files onto your Web server

Six Apart recommends Fetch (for Mac users) or CuteFTP (for Windows users). Both are free and easy to use.

Collect Required Information

Before you begin the installation, get the following information from your Web hosting provider or system administrator. If you are the system administrator and you don't have this information, consult your Web server and database documentation.

  • User name and password that you can use to log in to the Web server
  • Web server directory path for the directory from which the server is configured to run cgi programs, usually named cgi-bin and located in a subdirectory on your server.

The installation instructions refer to this directory as the cgi-bin directory. Be sure to substitute the actual path to the directory on your server. For example: /usr/lib/cgi-bin.

  • Web server directory path for the default document directory. This directory is often called the document root or Web root. The installation instructions refer to it as the Web root. Be sure to substitute the actual path to the directory on your system. For example: /var/www

  • Domain name used to access the Web server from a Web browser

  • Movable Type database name, username, and password

You must create a Movable Type database before you begin the installation. Often the database is created for you by your Web hosting provider or system administrator. The Quick Start Instructions assume this is the case. For instructions on creating a database, see Creating the Movable Type Database.