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MultiBlog Template Tags

MultiBlog is a feature in Movable Type that allows content to be easily aggregated from multiple blogs or data sources within your Movable Type install to a single blog or page. The sources used for aggregating content can be configured through the Movable Type user interface via the MultiBlog settings area under the "Preferences > Plugins" area.

The sources can also be configured manually via your template code directly. A number of template tags support the blog_ids template tag attribute which is used for selecting the blogs across which to aggregate content. For example, the following template tag code sample will aggregate content across blogs with an ID of 1, 2 and 5:

<mt:Entries blog_ids="1,2,5">

The MultiBlog Template Tag

If you wish to set a context that includes multiple blogs that can span across multiple tags, one can use the <mt:Multiblog> template tag. This tag can encapsulate any number of tags that are "multiblog enabled" (see below) and will govern their respective scopes. For example, the following template tag code sample will output the last ten comments and entries for blogs with ids 1, 5 and 8.

<mt:MultiBlog include_blogs="1,5,8">
   <mt:Entries lastn="10">
   <mt:Comments lastn="10">

Supported Attributes

If none of these attributes are provided, then Movable Type will default to searching the current blog context only.

MultiBlog Enabled Template Tags

The following tags support this syntax: