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Making the Most of Blog Entries and Pages

When torn between whether to create a new a blog entry or web page, the most important decision factor rests on the content you want to share with your users.

Blog entries are the most efficient for speedy updates

Blogs are best used when:

  • updating information frequently
  • relaying information chronologically on your home page
  • getting new information out to your readers as quickly as possible (through RSS feeds, Ping updates, etc.)
  • easily organizing similar content via archive through categories, tags or date and time of post

A highlight of blogs is the timeline feature. On a timeline, entries are posted chronologically, making organization of information easy.

Web Pages emphasize total structure

Web Pages work best for displaying information that does not need to be updated frequently, i.e. an About Page. Other examples of ideal uses for web pages include:

  • acting as links for file names or public URLs
  • archiving folders, but not categories

The main differences between blog entries and web pages are summarized in the picture below: