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Upgrade Path from Older Versions of Movable Type

Six Apart does not extensively test the upgrade process between distant versions, but there are no known issues with upgrading directly to the latest version from versions as old as MT2.6. That said, you should of course make a full backup before any upgrade procedure.

Note: If you run into an issue doing such an upgrade, please let us know by Asking an Expert.

Tip: If you’d like to try a stepwise upgrade path, older versions of Movable Type are available in the Movable Type Archive.

Upgrade Tips Specific to Version

Upgrading from MT3.2 or older?

Upgrading a version older than MT3.31?

Search result feeds script changed location in MT3.31. Add the following code to mt-config.cgi to properly output search results feeds:

AltTemplate feed results_feed.tmpl

More info on this fix

This is the default configuration since MT3.3. Doesn’t hurt to have this in the config file.


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maddy on January 19, 2010, 5:49 p.m. 返信

Upgrading from 4.0x with Custom Field plugin to Movable Type Pro?

Upgrading to Movable Type Pro 4.3x (or 5.x) will not automatically migrate custom fields data created using the Custom Fields 2.x plugin created by Arvind Satyanarayan.

If you are upgrading from Movable Type 4.0x and need to migrate existing custom fields and data to the native custom fields implementation provided with Movable Type Pro use the Custom Fields Upgrade Assistant plugin.

Refer to the plugin’s README file installation and usage instructions. Due to changes to the implementation of custom fields in Movable Type Pro, do not upgrade directly to the latest Movable Type Pro 4.3x version, instead upgrade to Movable Type Pro 4.13 (available in the Movable Type archive), and then to the latest version.