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Data API


The Movable Type Data API is a REST interface to the Movable Type Content Management System.

As such, it is an alternative API for developing several different types of extensions to the Movable Type CMS, which used to be written almost exclusively as PERL plugins.

What’s perhaps most exciting about the Data API is that it can be used to create client applications in JavaScript using libraries such as jQuery and web application frameworks such as jQuery Mobile.  These client applications can be coded using techniques that are commonly used in web application development involving HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.  Specifically, data can be requested using XML HTTP Requests or XHR, and data is returned in JavaScript Object Notation format or JSON.

The Data API is available for Movable Type Pro and Movable Type Advanced / Enterprise, Version 6.0 and higher.


Currently, the Movable Type Data API documentation is under development.  Draft documentation exists in the following areas.

Blog Posts About the Data API