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Deleting an entry

To delete an Atom entry, clients to first retrieve the service.edit URL associated with the entry they wish to delete (see retrieving an Atom Entry). Once your client has retrieved this URI, the client performs an authentication HTTP DELETE operation against the service.edit URL. There is no need to include a copy of the Atom entry in the delete request.

If the operation is successful, the server will return an HTTP status code of 200. The body of the response will otherwise be empty.

Sample Request

DELETE /t/atom/weblog/blog_id=1/entry_id=3 HTTP/1.1
X-WSSE: my credentials

Sample Response

HTTP/1.1 200
Content-Type: application/x.atom+xml

Sample Perl Code


use XML::Atom::Client;
use XML::Atom::Entry;

my $BLOG_ID = '131501';
my $USERNAME = 'your username';
my $PASSWORD = 'your password';

my $api = XML::Atom::Client->new;

my $PostURI = ''.$BLOG_ID;

my $entry = XML::Atom::Entry->new;
$entry->title('This post will be deleted');
$entry->content('Nothing to say.');
my $EditURI = $api->createEntry($PostURI, $entry);

my $entry = $api->getEntry($EditURI);
print "Retrieved: " . $entry->title . "\n";