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The Community Solution is available in two forms:

  • As a complete download (about 4MB+) that contains the core Movable Type platform and the Community Solution bundled.
  • As a stand alone component that can be installed into an existing Movable Type installation.

Installing the Bundle

If you have downloaded or received the version of Community Solution that comes bundled with the core Movable Type platform then the installation instructions are identical to the ones associated with the core platform.

» Read the Movable Type Installation Guide

Installing the Component

If you have downloaded or received the stand alone version of the Community Solution, then please follow the following instructions.

If you do not have Movable Type installed, then please download and install your copy of the Movable Type publishing platform available from the Movable Type website.

Once you have Movable Type installed then:

  1. Unpack the Community Solution software package. This will unpack all of the files into a directory called MT4-CS-1.0 (or some other version number). That directory should contain a single directory called Community.pack.
  2. Create an addons directory. Look in the directory that contains your mt.cgi file. If a directory called addons does not exist in that directory, please create it now.
  3. Move or copy the folder entitled “Community.pack” into the addons directory found in the same directory as mt.cgi.
  4. Move or copy the contents of the folder entitled Community.pack/mt-static/ into your mt-static directory.
  5. Login to Movable Type. Once all the software is installed Movable Type will prompt you to perform the final steps necessary to upgrade your system to use the features it contains. This process is completely automated and should not take long.