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Changes to Website Tag Functions

When used in a blog template, website tags can be used to retreive information from the parent website, such as website name, theme and language.

Changes to Notation Methods

In Movable Type 5, if the user wanted to display the name of the website on a blog template

  • the website and blog templates would have to be created seperately
  • a conditional branch was required if either the website or blog template was in use

Conditional branches were created using code similar to the following example.


In Movable Type 6, the inclusion of the following tag

is the only step needed to display the website name on both the website and blog templates.

Functional Changes to Pre-Existing Website Tags

The following website tags have been adjusted so that when used with a blog template, information specified by the tag will be automatically retrieved from the parent website.

* Please note that the information on this page, as well as the product description, are subject to change without prior notice following the product release date.