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New config directives


Allow users to display [Blog Stats] on the dashboard.

In Movable Type 6, along with [Site Stats], [Blog Stats] is hidden in it’s default state. If the environment variable is set to 1, the [Blog Stats] widget will become selectable.


EnableBlogStats 1


Users can set how often, by minutes, the system will scan webpages or blog entries for content to unpublish.

If a value of “5” is set, for example, the system will check webpages or blog entries every 5 minutes and unpublish material accordingly.

The run-periodic-tasks setting takes precedence over the [UnpublishPostFrequency] config directive.

For example, if run-periodic-tasks is set to call out every 10 minutes and [UnpublishPostFrequency] is set to every 5 minutes, the system will run every 10 minutes.


UnpublishPostFrequency 5

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