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Message Center

Starting from Movable Type 6, all alert related messages will be displayed through the message center.

message center

Callbacks can be set up with the Message Center. By using a callback, system messages for plugins can be displayed on the dashboard.


  • setnotificationdashboard
    • level: Sets the notification level. This setting is optional. The default notification level is “Warning”. The available notification levels are as follows:

      <li>text: Sets the notification text. This setting is mandatory. </li>
      <li>detail: Sets the notification details shown after the user clicks on the notification text. This setting is optional.</li>


        setnotificationdashboard: >
            sub {
                my $cb = shift;
                my ( $loopnotificationdashboard ) = @;
                my @notifications = (
                        level  => 'error',
                        text   => MT->translate('Error'),
                        detail => MT->translate('You have an error.'),
                        level  => 'success',
                        text   => MT->translate('Success'),
                        detail => MT->translate('You got a success.'),
                        level  => 'warning',
                        text   => MT->translate('Warning'),
                        detail => MT->translate('You got a warning.'),
                        text   => MT->translate('Default'),
                push @{ $loopnotification_dashboard }, @notifications;

    * Please note that the information on this page, as well as the product description, are subject to change without prior notice following the product release date.