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Smart Phone Application “Loupe”

What is Loupe?

Loupe is a smart phone application designed to work with Movable Type 6.


Loupe allows the user to perform several mini-tasks while on the go.

  • View blog and website access data (a Google Analytics link is required)
  • Approve and publish pending comments and entries
  • Upload images

Loupe associated functions are expected to increase in future versions of Movable Type.

Data API Use and Implementation

Loupe runs off of the newly implemented Data API.

* Data API uses a REST style to call out various Movable Type data, which can then be displayed or operated.

Using Loupe

The main uses of Loupe are as follows:

  • View access analysis graphs
  • Approve and publish pending comments or entries
  • Upload images

Access Analysis Graph

By linking with Google Analytics, website and blog access statistics are analyzed and then displayed in an easy to read graph on the user dashboard.

Publication of Pending Comments and Entries

Preview any pending comments or entries and subsequently publish them if desired.

Uploading Images

Upload photos from a smart phone to the user’s Movable Type account.

* Please note that the information on this page, as well as the product description, are subject to change without prior notice following the product release date.