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Movable Type 6 Beta

New Movable Type logo

Based on the input and feedback from our customers and the Movable Type community worldwide, we are proud to announce the unveiling of Movable Type 6.

As Movable Type has evolved, our main goal has always been to provide a powerful, efficient, and easy to use product to help make managing daily blog and website content a breeze instead of a chore. With Movable Type 6 we worked toward this goal by super charging our API, now making it even easier to manage and manipulate data with the use of a variety of programming languages.

We have also included a new Smart Phone application called “Loupe”. With Loupe, users can confirm and approve pending comments and entries, upload photos and view website and blog access statistics, allowing users to manage their blogs and websites no matter where they are.

Additions to Movable Type 6

New Movable Type 6 functions include:


The beta test of Movable Type 6 has ended. For more information about Movable Type 6 or to purchase a license, visit

Upgrading to Movable Type 6

If upgrading from an older version of Movable Type, users might notice a change to where their “blog” information is located in Movable Type 6 depending on the pre-upgrade version.

Other Improvements

Website Tags

When used in a blog template, website tags can be used to retreive information from the parent website, such as website name, theme and language.

New Tags

Modified Template Tags

New Config Directive

Change to Movable Type Licensing

Starting with Movable Type 6, registration for the Movable Type Open Source (MTOS) license will end and a new license will be introduced. For more information on these up-coming changes, please refer to the following page.

Beta Site Information

All information on the beta site, as well as any product descriptions, are subject to change without prior notice following the official release date.