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Publishes the widget set identified by the name attribute.


  • name (required)

    The name of the widget set to publish.

  • blog_id (optional)

    The target blog to use as a context for loading the widget set. This only affects the loading of the widget set: it does not set the blog context for the widgets that are published. By default, the blog in context is used. You may specify a value of “0” for blog_id to target a global widget set.

  • parent="0|1"

    Use a value of 1 to include the widget set from the blog’s parent website. If the parent website does not have the widget set, no widget set will be included (global template modules cannot be used as a substitute). Default value is 0. This modifier was added to Movable Type 6.0.4.


<$mt:WidgetSet name="Sidebar"$>