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A variable tag that outputs a link to a tag search for the entry tag in context. The tag context is created by either an EntryTags or a Tags block.

Like all variable tags, you can apply any of the supported global tag modifiers to TagSearchLink to do further transformations.


The example below shows a tag cloud where each tag is linked to a search for other entries with that tag assigned. It can just as easily be used to link entry tags within an EntryTags loop.

    <h1>Tag cloud</h1>
    <div id="tagcloud">
                <a href="<$mt:TagSearchLink$>"><$mt:TagName$></a>

The search link will look something like:

Using Apache rewriting, the search URL can be cleaned up to look something like:

A URL like this would have to be built like this:

<mt:EntryTags glue=", ">
    <mt:BlogURL>tag/<mt:TagName normalize="1">

And of course, you would have to create the .htaccess rules to translate this into a request to mt-search.cgi:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^tag/(.*)$ /mt/search.cgi?blog_id=1&tag=$2&limit=20 [L]